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Was the "Supergeil" campaign really "super awesome" for the German supermarket chain EDEKA?

Will E-Bikes become mainstream?

Does Germany finally have one national football coach, or still 80 million?

Is it becoming more dangerous to visit the Oktoberfest in Munich?

Measure what matters most - the soft facts - accurately and efficiently:

  • Discover the unconscious socio-emotional perception of your brand, product or other objects of interest that influences social behavior
  • Monitor and benchmark image trends economically; protect your assets and identify tomorrow’s hot topics
  • Systematically shape your image to increase your range and bond with your target customers

Was the "Supergeil" campaign really "super awesome" for the German supermarket chain EDEKA?

  • Yes, if the overall goal was to become more attractive to people who particularly value modernity and a human touch
  • Initially however, the “Supergeil” campaign image (from February 2014) with existing image characteristics (2013) such as reputation, trust, and service orientation. The long established image of EDEKA radiates stronger than a new campaign.
  • But the campaign caused irritation and led to media discourse because the campaign was semantically "too far away" from the original brand image (not illustrated here).
  • Conclusion: The campaign "unfroze" the image. The subsequent image shift is caused by numerous subsequent (advertising) influences.
Note: Measurement for Germany
Association profiles show how credible a linkage is being perceived in society. Values with high linkage strength can be linked more credible with objects of interest (e.g. product, brand, person) in advertising.

Will E-Bikes* become mainstream?

  • Yes, as of 2015, the image of E-Bikes will position itself in the mass market
  • In the past, E-Bikes were positioned in “older” image fields such as convenience and tradition
  • Today, the E-Bike concept is more associated with physical activity and youth
  • Conclusion: From 2015 E-bikes will work as lifestyle products
* E-Bikes include Pedelecs here (irradiation effect)
Note: Measurement for Germany

Does Germany finally have one national football coach, or still 80 million?

  • Things look good now for Jogi Löw: success makes sexy
  • It is evident that the public acceptance of Joachim Löw has increased significantly since the World Cup victory
  • The solidity of his image has decreased. Thus, his image has more room to move now
  • Conclusion: Good for Jogi that Germany has won. He may be able to take advantage of this propitious moment
Note: Measurement for Germany
Emotional KPIs measure how the most important acceptance aspects of an image are truely perceived implicitly on societal level. Objects of interest can now be directly benchmarked per KPI.

Is it becoming more dangerous to visit the Oktoberfest in Munich?

  • Probably not, the measurements from previous years show that 2010 had the highest risk level
  • In subsequent years, the risk level decreased
  • Towards the end of the Oktoberfest 2013 there may have been more problems
  • First measurements for the Oktoberfest 2014 indicate that there may again be problems towards the end of the event (not shown here)
Note: Measurement for Germany
The early warning curve notices, when the language pattern of an object of interest (connotations – how something is spoken about), drifts significantly towards the aggressive and problematic image field. The breeding ground for a crises improves.


We deliver web intelligence supported brand image analytics, with emotional target group segmentation.

…reveals the actual positioning of a brand/product image
…helps to identify the optimal positioning
…continuously monitors brand/product image development

Schematic dashboard

Emotional positioning

  • Which objects of interest (e.g. person, product, brand, color, shape, topic, etc.) cause similar emotional responses (connotation) in society, hence establish respective market segments?
  • Which objects of interest could be combined to strengthen a current position, or to purposefully position an image for another target audience?

Attractivity profiling

  • How good is my potential to achieve attention for certain preselected values/concepts?
  • Which preselected values/concepts is my image most credibly connected with (associated), hence I can use best for advertising?

Acceptance benchmarking

  • How fixed is my image in society?
  • How good are my acceptance values in society (like/dislike nuances)?

Crisis propensity detection

  • Is social subliminal stress growing against me?
  • Is the situation improving or becoming more critical?

How we are different

MINDGEIST combines proven procedures from psychology and sociology with web and data mining. Our data source is the most comprehensive and up-to-date: it contains all thematically relevant documents in the public internet.


MINDGEIST achieves a new quality for brand image analytics.

Fast, because we use web-mining for receiving required data
Flexible, because we do not need any survey participants
Objective, because do not need to create data, we observe how the public speaks
Meaningful, because we measure what matters for revealing brand image: how people speak unconsciously about something compared to something else
Cost-efficient and scalable, because we have developped an automated system