The implicit method is the way

You have to look below the surface to recognize which mental image people have about your brand or product.

Explicit system (rational)

  • slow
  • resource-intensive
  • adjusting

Implicit system (intuitive)

includes mental image landscapes that drive behavior

  • very fast (~200.000 x)
  • very efficient
  • selective
Common sentiment analytics and opinion research focus on what people say, but people usually act intuitively and often don’t:
  • do what they say
  • say what they know
  • know what they think and feel

How it works

MINDGEIST monitors how all groups that influence your image speak unconsciously in the public internet about your brand/product

What we measure

MINDGEIST measures how people speak unconsciously about a brand/product, because this reflect very well what mental image they have about it.

Human behavior roots in cognitive and affective assumptions and convictions, feelings and emotions, and habits that develop in interaction with the environment. These attitudes are reflected in human language before actual behavior manifests itself. This is what MINDGEIST measures.

How we measure

MINDGEIST utilizes a proven procedure from attitude research: the semantic differential.

We analyze how brands, products or persons are linguistically connotated, i.e. in what way people talk about such objects of interest unconsciously, thus feel about them. As a simple analogy, we register and interpret the aggregated body language of a social group instead of analyzing what individual people say explicitly (classical social or sentiment analytics). Therefore, we calculate an implicit "language-DNA" for an object of interest via so-called semantic differentials. The language-DNA is then mapped into a universal semantic room. The relative positioning of the respective objects of interest in the semantic room determines their images. When several strategically connected objects of interests are mapped into the semantic space, the relevant mental image landscape results.

Where we measure

MINDGEIST accesses the most comprehensive, up-to-date und relevance wise self-organizing data source: the public internet.

The public internet is the mirror of our society, if you know how to read it. MINDGEIST filters all documents in your relevant region which deal with the brands, products, persons, topics, values, etc. to investigate. Opinion is negotiated in the real world, what does not prevail there, will quickly receive less weight in the public internet. MINDGEIST conducts its data mining in this, for each question, thematically and relevance wise filtered document corpus.


Unique combination

Behavioral relevant social-level data
True implicit measurement
Web-based, scalable

True insights, both cost- and time-efficient

MINDGEIST presents the next evolution for sentiment analytics. We move beyond the explicit and observe the implicit layer. We move beyond aggregating individual statements and capture mental images in society.

If you want to be informed about how people feel about your brand, product, organization, competitors as well as about the relevant topics around you, get in touch with us.

“MINDGEIST is a crucial innovatory leap that opens new doors in marketing and social sciences”
- Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lutz von Rosenstiel